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World Congress
on Myopia Control

Session One, August 2023 ~ August 2024

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Registration to the event will give access to all six episodes of this first season. You will be able to watch all programming live and/or on demand.


About the Congress

Myopia has become a matter of global ocular health, affecting individuals of all ages, with a particularly noticeable increase among children and young people. Our congress, aims to provide a unique platform for ophthalmologist experts to delve into the understanding of factors associated with the advancement of myopia, its impacts on quality of life, and to enhance strategies for control and treatment.


We warmly invite you to join us at this unique event. If you wish to be at the forefront of advancements in myopia control, contribute to a society with better ocular health, and connect with inspiring professionals from around the world, take your spot here!


August 05, 2023 | Environmental Control

November 25, 2023 | Atropine

January 27, 2024 | Eyeglasses

February 03, 2024 | Soft Contact Lenses

April 06, 2024 | Orthokeratology

August 03, 2024 | All Breakthrough in the Myopia Control

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