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Soft Contact Lenses
World Congress on Myopia Control

Session One, August 2023 ~ August 2024

February 03, 2024 | Soft Contact Lenses | 08:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

03 de Fevereiro de 2024, às 10h30 (Hora de Brasília)

Soft Contact Lenses for controlling the progression of Myopia
Bruce Koffler

Soft contact lenses for myopia control a comprehensive overview
Ursula Vogt

The current increase of myopia in elementary and junior high school students in Japan, and the problem of soft contact lens use by children and young teenagers in Japan.
Akira Murakami

Comparative study between Abiliti and Misight
Chen Hsin Tsai Sun

Discussion Moderator

Celso Cunha, Gudrun Bischoff, Patricia Gus, Monica Leuschner Penny Asbel, 


Dr. Tania Schaefer

Organizing committee:

Dr. Fernando Abib

Dr. Paulo Ricardo de Oliveira



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