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Moatez Billah Mekki


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  • ophthalmologist, anterior segment and glaucoma surgeon, and contact lens specialist especially in the irregular cornea.

  • Co-founder of Ibn Al Haythem Center in Algiers in 2007, the referenced center in Algeria, has become a training center since 2015.

  • Lecturer at the medical universities of Algiers, Tunis, and Rabat in contact lenses for ophthalmologists and residents.

  • Trainer of Optometry Master Student from the University of Oran and Sétif since 2016.

  • Author and Co-author of several articles in ophthalmology in scleral lenses, orthokeratology, cornea, and artificial intelligence.

  • An active member in various national, regional, and international ophthalmological societies, SAO, AOPA, SAG, ASTOC, SMOC-SO, SMO, STO, SFO, EuCornea, ESCRS, ESO, EVER (SIS for scleral lens for 4 consecutive years), BCLA, ECLSO, MEACO, WOC.

  • Winner of numerous international awards: Francophonie Award in 2011 (Rose K2 lens), EuCornea Best Paper Award 2014 (Scleral lens), ISCLS Best Poster Award 2019 (Orthokeratology), BCLA Best Photo Award 2023( PMD).







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